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The InnoLab is a process where teachers collaborate around a taught lesson using a specific protocol called an ‘Inquiry into My Practice’ (IMP). InnoLabs as part of a school or district’s plan, supports continuing teacher learning through simultaneous interactions between both experienced and beginning teachers and outside expertise. InnoLabs are operating in schools near your district. You can participate as an individual or as a team ready to initiate your own InnoLab in your school or educational setting.

In weekly meetings, groups of teachers meet in their school InnoLabs to enact Inquiries Into My Practice (IMPs). A lead teacher determines a lesson to teach colleagues with the specific focus of improving practice through intentional feedback. With support of a Thinking-Partner, the two engage in a Pre-Brief prior to teaching the lesson. The lead teacher then teaches the content using the pedagogical moves he or she seeks to study. Then after the lesson is concluded the teacher debriefs with a Thinking-Partner and listens to feedback.

In this principled and collective process, every teacher gets better by getting better together.

InnoLabs are thriving in:
  • 35 Studio Schools in UMSL’s Educator Preparation Program

  • Illinois
  • The Alton School District in Alton, IL
  • Amelia Carriel Jr. High School in O’Fallon, IL
  • Central Middle School in Belleville, IL
  • Highland High School in Highland, IL

  • California
  • Bay Area STEM Network

    • Want to start your own InnoLab? Contact Dr. Phyllis Balcerzak, Senior Program Producer:

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