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The ED Collabitat is a habitat for intentional collaborating. Our programming is driven by an interplay between perspectives informed by the learning sciences, art and design, and education innovators.


ProgramLtrE-31 EXPLORE: Bold adventurers explore new territory aimed at sparking creative ideas, innovative approaches, and novel possibilities in education. All accomplishments emerge from an innate ability to explore and to ask what-if?
Design + Build Logo DESIGN+BUILD: Ignite your professional creativity toward systemic change. Experience new processes and build solutions to your professional challenges, both grand and small.
ProgramLtrE-31 CREATE: Take your idea to the next step! Initiate solution-seeking habits of mind through customized programming or courses. Successfully infuse enduring strategies and processes into your culture.
Your Organization

The ED Collabitat facilitates design processes to help your organization find solutions to vexing problems while achieving ambitious goals.


Join us In this ½ to 1 day workshop session, where we guide your team through a series of activities designed to build empathy and collaborative clarity around a specific issue or concern.


Join us In this 1-3 hour workshop session, where we move your team to develop a strategic, short-term plan of action.


Join us to customize a series of Discovery Mapping sessions to generate possible solutions to complex, systems related problems.


Join us in a set of working group sessions, through which we move your team towards enacting new prototypes, evaluation tools, practices, and technologies to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions for your organization.

OUR PROCESSES are grounded in ResponsiveDesign, our theory of action informed by the learning sciences and perspectives from art & design, aimed toward creating revolutionary solutions to your challenges.

Your Practice

The ED Collabitat unites professional creativity and collaboration to transform the practices of educators, leaders, parents, and students of all ages.

Workshops & showcasing Revolutionary work

Join us for our various showcases and workshops, providing a forum where educators share their original and revolutionary work.

Short-term Inquiring Into My Practice (IMP) Process: Get Better Together

Give us the opportunity to introduce your school or district to Innolabs, our unique approach to staff development using a principled and collective process where educators improve together.

1-Credit Video Coaching

Participate in video coaching or a 1-credit course designed to enhance your teaching practices.

Medium-Term Innolab Support

Tailored Professional Development

Long-term Innolab Support

Create a Culture of Creative Collaboration Process.

Your Creativity

The ED Collabitat uses experts within and outside the College of Education to provide creative educators and educational entrepreneurs with the support they need to build new models.

Innovation showcases

Join us for one of our Innovation Showcases.

network with Colleagues

Network at the ED Collabitat with other individuals and groups to find common ground and enhance your professional creativity.

EDpreneur workshops

Participate in a series or workshop designed to support Educational Entrepreneurs as they develop and refine their ideas.

EDpreneur in Residence

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur interested in education? Join a cohort and interact with mentors and researchers who will support you Apply to become EDpreneur today

School connection program: Testing entrepreneur prototypes

Allow us to connect you to schools where you can pilot your educational product or business idea, get real feedback from educational users, and work to develop practical evaluation tools.

Your Career

The ED Collabitat offers tailored educational degrees and certificates that build capacity for expertise in specific educational disciplines.

Professional Development Options consultation

Meet with us to explore options for targeted, professional learning experiences for your team of educators.

Onsite Degree Programs

Join us for one of our existing degree or certificate programs on-site in your school or district

Customized Degree Programs

Let us create customized programming for degrees and certificates tailored to your school or districts’ needs.

Program evaluation development

Consult with us to create targeted research and evaluation plans for measuring your program’s effectiveness.

Generative Design

Join the ED Collabitat’s EdD learning community in Creativity and Generative Design.