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  • Education Entrepreneur in Residence Program

    Education Entrepreneur in Residence Program

  UMSL ED Collabitat Apply For Our Next Cohort: Bring fresh, new, innovative experiences to educational settings. Now accepting applications for the 2019 Spring Cohort

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      The ED Collabitat, in conjunction with Mastercard©, has launched an Education Entrepreneur in Residence program at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Education entrepreneurs, organizations, or companies obtain assistance developing new start-ups or initiatives through four-month residencies. Participants learn, invent, and develop ideas that can make positive impacts in K-12 educational systems. “Edpreneurs” tap into university resources to hone ideas, consult with experts from across industries, and prepare to take products or programs to market.

Benefits of the Cohort:

  • Idea Development – Collaborate and receive resources to help develop or improve an idea or current venture.
  • Curriculum Design – Work with educators and administrative professionals to help design curriculum.
  • Legal and Capital Resources – Apply for in-house capital and receive vital information about various legal and capital resources.
  • Lead Mentors and Subject-Matter Experts Support – Meet with an assigned mentor and subject-matter expert during the four month incubation period.



Cohort 6



    Mario Pascal Charles is a 15 year Missouri certified master educator in the social science area. He will serve as program lead and instructor. He attained his Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Educational Administration from Lindenwood University. He has recently completed his studies earning his doctorate in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Missouri¬-St. Louis. In addition to that, Charles also formerly served as Director of Curriculum for Strength and Honor Tutoring and Mentoring Program which focuses on developing literacy skills in elementary school age African¬-American boys through one¬-on-¬one tutoring and guidance through a rite of passage program entitled Men of Honor. He is Founder of the company MindFreedom Foundation that educates African-American youth to become civically engaged through cultural identity and political awareness. Mario is also a gifted singer, songwriter, and guitarist in his own musical genre. Throughout his life, musical and other influences have shaped Mario Pascal’s songwriting abilities that garner energy from the ancient skills of West African Oral Tradition yet with a modern sensibility. Mario’s Roots Fuzion(fusion) sound is rooted in Rootz and Rockerz of Trenchtown yet pulls from the congas of AfroCuba, guitar strokes from Bossa Nova Brasil, vocal and musical arrangements from traditional Haitian Troubadours, wrapped around tightly in a banner of red, gold, and green fast and furious AfroBeat N Funk. Mario’s strongest intention is that his music will provide a new means for him to reach out to his community. “As an educator, I know how the youth struggle to find their place in a world so much more confusing and distracting than when I was growing up. I know they need guidance and protection from the ills of the world that claim to have their best interests in place. Music is a way for us to meet on common ground and relate on one human vibration no matter where the person may find challenges in their own lives.



    EyeSeeMe African American Children’s Bookstore was created in order to help bridge the cultural divide, so that African American children can benefit from exposure to literature that respectfully mirrors themselves, their culture and their families. EyeSeeMe, is the only children’s bookstore devoted exclusively to promoting positive African American Images and African American History while advocating for Academic Excellence. We believe that competent, caring, and properly supported teachers and parents are essential to student learning. EyeseeMe is here to help provide that support.

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    Anna Minx is an educator, and media producer. She has taught visual art with a passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) integration and project based learning for the last seven years. She holds an MAT in art education from Fontbonne University and a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. By fusing her professional knowledge and experience she developed Method, a STEAM centered web series that makes real world connections between students, creatives, and the curriculum. Method will share the stories of contemporary creatives to inspire the innovators, designers, and artists of the future. A teacher can incorporate Method into their lesson to show students how the learning material can be applied in a career setting. The authenticity, striking visuals, and concise content serve to generate student curiosity and buy-in on the subject matter. Videos are searchable by keyword, grade level, state and national standards, so educators can quickly find what they need. Episodes highlight and celebrate the diversity of the individuals that contribute to the creative community. To learn more visit

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    Educating through Joy, LLC is an organization that aspires to add passion, enthusiasm, and joy to the work produced in a person’s career. We offer professional development workshops through our Joy P.O.P.S. team coaching/mentoring series. Our business goal is to help our clients achieve their highest professional potential in their career to inspire the future…”Our Children!” Educating through Joy, LLC plans to begin working closley with school leadership and agency leaders to create developement plans that enhace their work culture and climate as well as encourage their workers to perform at their poressional best to inspire the population they serve. We know if we hlep their staff work from a postitive place emotionally, then overall we will help encourage our students and clients to work harder to achieve their personal goals.



    At Savvy Coders we teach 21st century skills to prepare people for 21st century jobs. Elaine Queathem founded Savvy Coders because she saw the need and wanted to provide a gateway for people to get skills who are typically underrepresented in the field of technology, especially software development. Students enroll for a number of reason, some want to explore if a career in software development is a good fit for them, others have busy lives and can’t commit to a full times training. coding is a good career many of our students want to expand their skills to further their existing careers, but all of our students want to take greater control of their professional lives. To learn more visit:

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